Bejcgyertyános: Simple detached house in angeling area CM09080
75 m²788 m²15.266 €

Bejcgyertyános: Simple detached house in angeling area

Small detached family house in popular area for freshwater angling. House with nice garden with fruit trees and ornamental plants.
House with small roofed terrace, small dining room, kitchen, bedroom, storage room. Bathroom with tub, separate toilet. Garage. Outhouse with storage rooms. Gas at the boundary, septic tank.
  • 75 m² Living space
  • 788 m² Plot size
  • Water
  • Well
  • AC 230V
  • Gas
  • Telephone
  • Garage
  • Tiled stove
  • Single stoves
  • WC
  • Tub
Calculation of additional costs:
Purchase price: 15.266 €
Land Tax: 611 €
Certified statement of the land register:1 65 €
Registration fee land register: 43 €
Certified translation:1 139 €
Service fee Casa Mia:1 1.287 €
Costs of contract (lawyer):1 577 €
Total: 17.987 €
This calculation is based on an exchange rate of 307,88 HUF = 1,00 EUR .
1 incl. VAT.

Village Info Bejcgyertyános

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Rural village at the steep foothills of the Kemeneshát at the river Raaba. 12km to the famous thermal spa in Sárvár.