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15.401 m²48.720 €

Pusztaapáti: Big housing estate for holiday homes

Enormous housing estate at the edge of a forest. Ideally for small farmers or for a holiday house project in the midst of a den landssly wooded landscape. Water, electricity, telephone at the edge of property.
  • 15.401 m² Plot size
  • Water
  • AC 230V
  • Telephone
Calculation of additional costs:
Purchase price: 48.720 €
Land Tax: 1.949 €
Certified statement of the land register:1 32 €
Registration fee land register: 21 €
Certified translation:1 139 €
Service fee Casa Mia:1 1.856 €
Costs of contract (lawyer):1 619 €
Total: 53.336 €
This calculation is based on an exchange rate of 307,88 HUF = 1,00 EUR .
1 incl. VAT.

Village Info Pusztaapáti

Official website of the municipality (only Hungarian))

Calm place far from the civilization. Extensive forests, ideally for nature lovers.