Investment In Hungary.

Hardly Real Estate Financing For Foreigners In Hungary.

The stop of foreign banks in the financing of private Hungarian real estate after the Lehman crisis and the soaring Swiss franc has left its mark on the Hungarian real estate market.
Today for non-residents it's hardly possible to obtain financing by Hungarian banks. Foreign banks have adjusted their exposure to Hungary in its entirety.

Opportunity For Private Investors.

The low interest rates on bank accounts and the financial crisis in Hungary offer private investors a unique opportunity to invest their money safely. You also can participate with an investment of € 20,000 to max. € 100,000.

Loan On Mortgage In First Rank.

The base is an agreement between a lender and a borrower to finance a Hungarian property. Depending on the location and value of the property, 30-60% of the market value can be financed. The scheme is to finance a property exclusively by one funder. Collateral security is a loan on mortgage in the first rank of the land register.

At Least 3 Percent Interest.

The interest rate and the duration of the contract is individually. Depending on the rating of the borrower, the interest can be between 3-5 percent. A minimum interest rate of 3% (three percent) is guaranteed. In practice the duraction is between two and ten years.

Casa Mia As Intermediary.

If you are interested in this form of investment, don't hesitat to contact us. In the following we present specific cases which have come to the funding. A corresponding documentation of the object and an assessment of the borrower is standard.