Service Fee

Clear Bill, Good Friends.

Clear bill, good friends. - That's why our work and fees are clearly defined.
Our claim to fees starts with an successful obtaining of an object of our offers or of an offer from one of our collegues we are working with. We have a look of the chosen objects together. We clear out all the general conditions and give you a binding written offer before you buy. This offer contains all costs and the methods of payment.
We organize your purchase transaction through a solicitor of out confidence and accompany you to the conclusion of the contract.
Following this, we still help you in the transfer of public utilities in your name.

Unicque Calculation Service.

The announced prices are just the object prices or the monthly rent without additional charges. Because of highest transparancy Casa Mia lists all costs of the purchase procedure. There is no comparable service found on Hungarian real estate sites. You can get all costs in detail at the current exchange rate.

No Package Prices.

In Hungary, flat rates are still quite common. The disadvantage is, that the buyer does not know what he is paying for. In contrast, we adhere to international standards. Purchase prices, in which the service fee is included, is not with us. Casa Mia makes a clear distinction between the object price and the additional costs.

Our Additional Services.

Translations, planning and other services will be charged separately for offer. We remind you that our services are always a consideration. Please also note our general terms and conditions for the purchase of real estate in Hungary.

Service Hotline.

After buying, we offer our customers a paid telephone service on agreed time. Here we answer questions of everyday life and translate in urgent matters on the phone. This service will cost you monthly € 75,- plus 27% VAT (total € 95,25).
Any additional services are paid. Please check what we charge for the desired performance in advance.

We Offer Services, No Private Seller Can Do.

If you need mortgages, or you are searching for condominiums, studio flats, houses, villas, flats, buildings, offices, shops, business objects, company, plots, industrial plots, then you should proceed to Casa Mia as an intermediary between supply and demand.
If you need to estimate your property, you are right with Casa Mia. We are certified real estate brokers and authorized to make estimates.

Minimum Fee For Best Service.

In Hungary, it's usual to include the service fee in the purchase price. The buyer doesn't know exactly what he pays for which purpose. Casa Mia strictly splits the purchase price and the additional costs how on world.
We account 3% of the purchase price for a successful obtaining - minimum € 1000 plus 27% VAT (total € 1270 or 3,81%). This guaranties the best service even with the lowest investment.